Tuesday, May 30, 2017

OT: Wanna See Something Crazy?

It's been quiet here for too damn long. Why don't we just burn the whole bastard down?

So last weekend was Busker Fest in this neck of the woods, and it seemed like a fine time to kick off my next doomed project. Yes, I am now prepared to become a failed photographer and videographer in addition to everything else. Nothing serious this time - I have no intention of acquiring fame or making money off this, it's more of a form of walking meditation, if that makes sense.

You can see the end result at the Midwest Oasis Blog. Despite tearing myself down (self-hatred is my brand, after all), it actually turned out pretty well and you should check it out.

As far as this moribund little nook of the web is concerned...I am actually in line for Rod Dreher's The Benedict Option, which believe it or not is enough in demand that the library ordered additional copies. I can't promise I'll be bitching about this one, as the last time I held one of Dreher's books in my hands I only made it a dozen or so pages in before I said "Kiss my ass, you smug son of a bitch" and gave up. That's right - Dreher is more insufferable than David Brooks, Megan McArdle, Ross Douthat, Charles Murray, Mike Huckabee, and any number of other marginal wingnuts. So no promises - hell, there might not be enough meat on this bone for a stew, but we'll make do.

In the meantime...seriously, Midwest Oasis Blog. There are people over there juggling machetes and walking on glass and carrying bags of potatoes with their tongues and doing somersaults over people's heads. You'll enjoy it, I swear.


  1. mostly i want the series on "The Mandibles" to be finished, the series so far was entertaining and i want to see the last bit

    1. Someone was interested in that? Well, I'll try and get my copy back and see if I can't knock out the last few chapters, but I'm not promising much - it turns into really awful libertarian SF at the end...