Friday, July 22, 2016

The Upside of Down: Master Post


In which the critic introduces the author in all her incompetent glory

1. FAILURE IS FUNDAMENTAL: How a Brain Scientist and a Psychologist Helped Me Stop Procrastinating

In which the author cobbles together a random collection of business and sociology tidbits and concludes that practice makes perfect

2. THE VIRTUOUS SOCIETY: What Two Economists and an Anthropologist Can Teach Us about Free Markets

In which the author decides that the best way to understand liberal notions on economics is by talking about hunter-gatherers

3. THE EXPERIMENTERS: Why There Are No Guarantees in Hollywood or Silicon Valley

In which the author asks: Can anyone really know anything? I mean, really know anything?

4. ACCIDENTS, MISTAKES, FAILURES, AND DISASTERS: What the Hospital System Can Teach Us about the Mistakes We Make

In which the author claims expertise in nursing practices and explains that you can never be sure why a large organization fails

5. CRISIS: What a Bad Breakup Can Tell Us about the GM Bailout

In which the author knows exactly how a large organization failed, with room left over to ramble on about her love life

6. ADMITTING YOU HAVE A PROBLEM: What Gamblers Anonymous Could Have Taught Dan Rather

In which the author gives the critic a terrible headache, possibly out of revenge

7. GETTING UNSTUCK: Adopting the Way of the Shark (Part I and Part II)

In which the author explains "moral hazard," which is why her long-term unemployment was different than yours, you plebian

8. BLAME: Blamestorming and the Moral of the Financial Crisis

In which the author considers the recent economic collapse and finds neither a villain nor the names of the people who disagree with her

9. PUNISHMENT: Why Consistency Is the Secret to Breaking Bad Behavior

In which the author details the proper treatment for a commoner who fails to follow the boss's orders to the letter

10. FORGIVENESS: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Embrace Easy Bankruptcy (Though Not Personally)

In which the critic reveals the logic behind the book and why it's so very, very awful

In which the critic takes to Amazon to explain his displeasure

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